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The Republicans voted to keep government funded at a level which often kept the shutdown- the Democrats voted to hold DACA in place. It was restored at that amount for one more year. A bill passed, funded through February 9, 2024, in the 114th Congress. How does Dan Helmer method to allow for our schools? Who would be the leaders of public schools and charters in his district? Tend to be charter schools doing well in his district? Will Dan Helmer help our public schools’ capacity to create secure places?

Will he commit to supporting the public schools and local teachers? What exactly are the complications and opportunities faced with local public schools? Who are the state leaders in education that is public? Will he decide to making sure that each kid has a teacher that knows their label and is concerned about their future? Would your local community reap the benefits of more school choice options?

Will he always help charter schools and public school choice? Will he support substantially better mental health services in our clubs? How many students from different communities come together at your schools? Precisely why might they still come together? Will he commit to generating significantly larger transparency in our schools? Just how does he intend to boost our high school graduation rates? Just how can your neighborhood public schools perform at a greater level than ever before?

What sort of curriculum is taught? Just what are the top three things which need to take place due to the success of your respective high school? What’s happening at your community college now? What exactly are essentially the most urgent needs within your local community college? What do pupils who graduate from high school in Dan Helmer’s district think about their experience? Where is your high school?

What amount of cash should the state invest in your high school? Exactly how would he battle sex trafficking? What’s the condition of sex trafficking in your town? How does Dan Helmer method to defend our kids from predators? Precisely how will Dan Helmer increase funding for the Department of Justice to better enforce the law? How do you want your university or college to help you? If you could do the community college in your community, would you go to school there instead of visiting a four-year institution?

What many other ways could the government combat sex trafficking? What various other kinds of crimes and predators will he attack? How can we catch child predators and end exploitation? Happen to be there more or fewer? Precisely how will he go on our army effort within the globe?

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